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A Historic Open Source Project

Welcome to a truly historic Open Source Project. The project is a bold project where among other one of the goals is to make a NonStop Video of the Historic Route 66 and make it all avilable for the public to download, view, use for projects and other where only the imagination is the limit!

An Epic Journey!

The Historic Route 66 is an Epic Journey!

This is by far the most famous road in the world, so why should we not document every inch of it and make it avilable to the world!

3 Goals!

The project has three main goals.

1. Create a nonstop video of the Historic Route 66
2. Gather as many videos and interviews as possible along the route
3. Make the worlds largest database for Route 66 photos.

A Project for Everyone!

Open Source is for everyone, and everyone should be able to contribute.

The is truly a porject for everyone - anyone can contribute in many ways without any specific knowledge or skill!


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